A Midsummer Mingle

There's happy and then there's giddy like a seven year old. I admit, my inner 7yo was doing cartwheels at A Midsummer Mingle. I was lucky enough to score some tickets, and it was bar none the most amazing party I've been to. What a positively delightful way to ring in the summer. There were swag bags, floral crowns, art prints, lemon lavender iced teas, giant paper flowers, crafts, and Instax photos. Everyone was dressed in white. The gardens were straight out of a storybook. There was just so much happiness and openness in the air. I (the introvert) even made a few new friends! It was magical. It filled up a part of my soul--a deep down part that isn't a job or role, she just IS. And as if my evening couldn't get any better, my drive home was punctuated with fireworks ahead of me the whole way. 

After I came home, my desire to do good increased tenfold. I want to share art and kindness and goodness and make women feel like a million bucks. Working on the why's and how's of that….. Stay tuned!

And a few more pics….

Check out some AMAZING pics of the night here.