Yoga Challenge

A few weeks ago, my favorite yogi issued an Instagram challenge and I had to jump in. I loosely followed the photo themes assigned, but mostly I had fun coming up with my own ideas that related to each pose. 

What an incredible 10 days!! I loved flexing my creative (and physical, haha) muscles. It was energizing to work on a project that was JUST ME! My awesome hubs and first born fully invested themselves too--Jake happily threw down time, money, and driving hours to help me get great shots. And Bryant was often my second set of arms (quite literally in the last pic!).

I am super excited to continue this series, just for fun.  :)  Namaste people!!!

Bird on a Curb

Tree Pose

Hero Pose

Boat Pose

Plank Pose

Child's Pose

Bow Pose

Warrior Pose

Dancer Pose

Goddess Pose